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What´s the meaning of MAHAWO?

MAyan HAnd WOrk. The naming is an homage to the Mexican weaving technique used to make our MAHAWO straps.

Our Mission

To share the beauty of the Mexican handwork art with the world, and to spread the word about the most unique and special straps for your phone and bag that you have ever seen.

Our Values

MAHAWO promises high quality, handmade products made with attention and love, taking care of our people and our environment. We follow the approach of fair trade and sustainable production.

How it started

The Founder

Whereas living in Mexico Jana, the founder of MAHAWO was imptressed by the beauty of Mexican handwork she brought the first MAHAWO straps as souvenirs to Germany to surprise her friends and family. It didn´t take long until the requests and interest in those handmade beauties grew - the idea of MAHAWO as a real business was born. In 2021 she started posting on Instagram to talk about her upcoming plans and to share inspo in how to use these straps. The hugest challenge this year was to establish a business relationship with an indigenous community to be able to scale the production of those handmade straps. In 2022 she opened the onlineshop and started selling worldwide. This year was the year of growth, the first B2B relationships were built and she represented MAHAWO on several events. Beginning of 2023 she experienced a wonderful personal change, she became a mother. While trying to balance both business and private responsibilities she experience great support from family & friends.

About us

Our Story Pillars


Our handwork for our straps belongs on an very old traditional weaving technique.


Every of our straps is unique and tells its own story. Its made with a lot of love, handknotted and takes around 8h each strap.


From the first idea until now, having a team of more than 60 indigenious artesans working for our project it was a long way.