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What does MAHAWO mean?

Mahawo is composed of the words Maya Hand Work. The naming is a tribute to the Mexican weaving technique used to make our MAHAWO belts.

Our mission
To share the beauty of this beautiful handmade Mexican art with the world, and to spread the word about the most unique and special wristbands for your phone and pocket that you have ever seen.

Our Values
MAHAWO promises high quality, handmade products made with attention and love, taking care of our people and our environment. We follow the approach of fair trade and sustainable production.

Our history
While the history of Mahawo is not that old, it is the traditional technique called "Telar de Cintura" that our Mexican artisans use to create the artistic MAHAWO ribbons. The "Telar de Cintura" is an instrument that dates back to pre-Hispanic times and helped Mesoamerican women to make various garments. These garments are true works of art that reflect the ideology and worldview of the people, whose cultural heritage is a factor that unites them as a language group and transmits the cultural experience, their language and identity to new generations. We would now like to transport this beautiful traditional artwork to the modern fashion world.

Our founder
Hello, My name- Jana - and I am the owner of MAHAWO. When my partner and I decided to move to Mexico in August 2020 for professional reasons, I decided to quit my job as HR manager for an international company. Soon, a period of self-learning, personal growth and unconditional curiosity began. First in terms of the new country, the people and then in terms of new business areas. During my travels, I was impressed by all the beautiful handmade products and Mexican art that this country has to offer. So it didn't take long until the idea for MAHAWO was born.

- Read more about our origin story in our next blog post -.